'A truly stunning contemporary gin....' Bill Lark
'A truly stunning contemporary gin....' Bill Lark
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Australia London Dry Gin Tasmania's best Shannon Rise Miena

SHANNON RISE - Miena London Dry Gin

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Juniper Generosity Gin Central Highlands London Dry

With so many flavoured gins on the market it is nice to find a restrained Tasmanian gin made in the London Dry style. It is not necessary, nor required, for London Dry Gin to be made in London. It is a style and can be made anywhere, but it must be made in a copper still - and with good reason. Any distiller will tell you the best spirits are made in copper. 

In times past poor quality gins were flavoured or sweetened to disguise their taste and make them more palatable. Whilst that is rarely the case these days the London Dry style is regarded as the highest quality and no artificial flavours or additives can be added after distillation. All botanical flavours must be imparted through the distillation process. It is the purest form of gin, must be juniper taste dominated, and be at least 37.5%ABV.

MIENA - SHANNON RISE London Dry Gin is made in a copper pot still in Miena in Tasmania's Central Highlands, dominant juniper notes and is 41.989%ABV.