'A truly stunning contemporary gin....' Bill Lark
'A truly stunning contemporary gin....' Bill Lark
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Koumozo Ouzo

Ritsa Nicholas and Mike Stevens

Koumozo Ouzo - Aniseed Aperitif is Ritsa Nicholas' legacy to her Greek father John Koumos. Ritsa's father was quite well known for his passion for making Ouzo in Greece. By chance Ritsa and Mike Stevens were talking at a friend's party one night about her desire to honour her father with making Ouzo. Mike simply said 'we can do that' and the journey began. Between her father's recipe and some unique Tasmanian botanicals Koumozo Aniseed Aperitif was born. Ritsa was instrumental in refining the final product.

Ritsa Nicholas Pter Hayes Winter Gin Distillery

Ritsa and Peter refining the flavours in Koumozo

500ml. ABV: 41.989% and 200ml. ABV: 41.989% 

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