'A truly stunning contemporary gin....' Bill Lark
'A truly stunning contemporary gin....' Bill Lark
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About Us

Around 2018 Mike Stevens and Peter Hayes were fly fishing with their friend Bill Lark. Peter, a fly fishing guide in Tasmania was looking for something to do over winter and Bill suggested making gin. 
Mike and Peter
Mike Stevens and Peter Hayes outside their distillery in Tasmania’s Central Highlands.
Bill Lark and Peter Hayes discuss Winter Gin Central Highlands Tasmania
Bill Lark and Peter Hayes discussing the ingredients for a batch of gin.


Peter and Mike invited another friend, Sally Bryant to be involved. Sally has a deep understanding of Tasmania's environment, the native plants and their characteristics.

In winter they got together and made several small batches of gin under Bill’s tutelage. This included variations with native botanicals selected by Sally. Batch number two was a stand-out. Everything had been carefully recorded and the recipe spirited away for future use.

Shortly after, the Winter Gin Company Pty Ltd was formed with Mike, Peter and Sally as directors, and the process towards building a distillery and manufacturing a commercial product began as a winter focused business.

Sally wanted to reduce her vast range of work commitments though, and handed her share in the company to Peter and Mike. She was instrumental in forming the Winter Gin Company and the winning formula.

A manufacturing licence was soon granted and a liquor licence issued in October 2021.

The slow process gave time to refine and test these lovely gins.