'A truly stunning contemporary gin....' Bill Lark
'A truly stunning contemporary gin....' Bill Lark
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Barrel Aged Gin Bill Lark Review Tasmania


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This gin variation idea was born when Peter was doing a Distillers course at Old Kempton Distillery with Mark Nicholson. A 20 litre ex bourbon, whisky cask was acquired and laid down at Miena filled with Generosity Gin. Every so often Mike and Peter dipped into the barrel to see how the flavours were developing. It was not known what would happen, nor if it would be any good at all.

It was going along okay, but one day their eyes lit up as they both took a sip. Nothing was said between the two, but both knew the time was right to let the spirit out of the barrel. Its magic had been done and once again a barrel had transformed some magic on its contents. This bourbon barrel had transformed a beautiful London Dry Gin into a golden well rounded gin with a whisky character. 

It is not whisky flavoured gin, nor gin flavoured whisky. It is Generous in a blend of flavours that Tasmania's Central Highland has melded into an outstanding tipple. We recommend a little ice, but nothing else. Try it and you will understand why.

Check out Bill Lark's tasting notes.

The barrell was refilled a second time and six months later disgorged. The second 'post whisky fill' was much more subtle and a gorgeous gin with less influence from the barrel, but with golden hues and well rounded flavours. 

ABV is 44.2%.

From this cask we made 35 bottles x 500ml.